From conceptualization and execution to content creation, and metric reporting, I like to think of myself as the swiss army knife of marketing.

My skill-set is diverse but gives me a unique perspective on marketing. I'm passionate about understanding an audience, telling a story, and creating marketing strategies that will truly resonate.

My journey began in 2014 as a radio announcer. Utilizing the station's Twitter account, I’d request song recommendations from our audience and give shout-outs to those who tweeted us. Our community loved getting their names announced on the radio and hearing their songs played. This increased listenership and engagement. I had no idea that this was marketing, but I learned that people will pay attention when they feel you have paid attention to them.

After graduating I spent a year in Haikou, China teaching English. I started a YouTube channel to document my experience and used my Instagram to promote it. With an old laptop camera and no editing software, I posted my first video in 2016. Today, that video averages about 7,000 hours of watch time per week and still receives real engagement. ​

From non-profits to the c-store realm, freelance, and building my own brand, there is one thing about marketing that remains the same. Consumers want to feel heard, not like they’re being sold to. By listening to the audience and their needs you can understand how a product, good, or service can best serve them and effectively market.

This is the type of marketing professional I strive to be.

No used car salesman energy here. 😉