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Scope of Work

  • Social media

    • Management

    • Strategy

    • Ads

    • Community management

    • Content creation

      • Videography​

      • Copywriting

      • Photography

      • Graphic Design​

  • Email

    • Copywriting

    • Building

    • Strategic scheduling​

    • Insights reporting

Let's Talk is a Youtube channel that focuses on natural hair and wellness.

I was diagnosed with alopecia in 2016, an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. There are a lot of factors that can cause this disease; stress and nutrition being two. Though there are treatment options, there is no cure. I realized to stop my hair from falling out, I would have to make changes to my lifestyle and implement an all-around better wellness routine.

I created Let's Talk for the natural hair community. It's a channel for those who want guidance in their natural hair journey and internal tips that helped me control hair loss and promote healthy hair.​


Subscribers: 3K
  • Increased subscribers by 17% in 5 months

  • Maintained 95.6% video approval rate

  • 13,505.1 total hours watched on 4 videos 


Followers: 1,046
  • Reposted and featured on Essence Magazine's Instagram page and website

  • Maintained a 6% engagement rate

  • Original photos re-posted by larger Instagram profiles and brands such as The Cut Life, Naturally, She's Dope, and Uncle Funky's Daughter.



  • Management of social media channels

  • Content strategy

  • Conversion

  • Growth

  • Engagement

  • Curated feed

  • Branded content

  • Copywriting

  • Content creation 

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

  • Copywriting

  • Videography

  • Paid Ads

  • Community management

  • Metric reporting

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