ladybird Styling

Ladybird specializes in transformational personal styling. Owned and operated by and for women, Ladybird teaches a unique method for finding and developing an authentic personal style. 

Founder Molly Bingaman, trained by Stacy London of TLC's What Not to Wear, founded Ladybird with the bold intent of changing the way people see themselves, their style, and the world around them. began teaching fledgling style seekers the ropes of how to recover their sense of self by using their sense of style.

And just like that, Ladybird was born.

scope of work

  • Social media

    • Management

    • Strategy

    • Ads

    • Community management

    • Content creation

      • Videography​

      • Copywriting

      • Photography

      • Graphic Desin​

  • Email

    • Copywriting

    • Building

    • Strategic scheduling​

    • Insights reporting


Followers: 3985
  • Created social media ads that resulted in above-average click-through rates and referral rates


Followers: 2842
  • Improved Instagram engagement by 68% within three months in comparison to the previous period

  • Increased LinkedIn engagement and following by 100%

  • Grew Instagram post reach by 208% inside 60 days on the job compared to the previous period


Followers: 121
  • Created page

  • Increased following and engagement  by 102%

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