My career began to unfold in a Gen Ed class named Intro to Broadcast Operations (this sentence is very Lord of the Rings). At the time, I hated that in order to pass the class, I had to take shifts at the student radio station, KZLX. To my surprise, I was pretty good on-air and I actually liked doing it. I decided to major in Mass Media. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of my career in marketing and content creation.

Four years later, with a little graphic design, videography, and audio production under my belt, graduation was at my doorstep. 

I was offered a gig at a popular Kansas City radio station, but I needed a change of scenery, a challenge. It seemed the most logical thing to do was apply for teaching jobs in China. The obvious choice right? My parents thought I was crazy. In fact, I don't think they believed I would actually do it until I boarded that international flight with a one-way ticket.

Yea, this was definitely a left turn, but something in me knew that I had to go for it, so off to Haikou, China I went!

That year abroad I got into social media and photography. 

I started a travel blog and began dabbling in photography and video production. It was then that I experienced the power of social media, and creating engaging content that attracts an audience.

That year abroad also taught me how to be flexible, empathetic, resourceful, and open-minded. All skills that would later have a huge impact on my work-life.

After coming back to Kansas City I still felt that I needed to experience more. I landed a Marketing job in New York City and after being diagnosed with alopecia I pivoted my travel blog into a Youtube channel about natural hair and wellness. It was a niche concept but I gained a following.

Once again, I was shown the power of creating engaging, authentic content. I learned how vital it is to understand your audience and provide value.

Years later I like to consider myself the Swiss Army Knife of marketing and content creation.

My journey has had twists and turns, but each has helped me figure out not only what I'm good at, but what I love to do.

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